Eric Dever’s Colorful Artwork on Display at the U.S. Embassy Residence in Helsinki

In a collaboration with the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies program, Eric Dever, a renowned artist from the East End, has brought his vibrant paintings to the embassy residence of Ambassador Douglas Thomas Hickey in Helsinki, Finland. Curated by Camille Benton, the exhibition showcases an array of talented artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Gifford Beal, Jessica Snow, Mary Heebner, Pamela DeTuncq, and of course, Eric Dever.

Among the impressive display of artwork, Dever’s mural-scaled, oil on canvas diptych titled “October 10th” (2016) stands out. The painting, which will be on loan until 2024, reflects Dever’s deep connection with nature. It features a captivating arrangement of colorful morning glory blossoms, meticulously collected within a 3.6 mile radius of his Water Mill studio garden.

The significance of this piece goes beyond its visual appeal. It also pays homage to the hard work of bees, as the blossoms represent the collection of pollen by bees tended to by beekeeper Francis Schiavoni. Dever’s artwork beautifully captures the interplay between the artist, his garden, and the natural world.

It is worth mentioning that Dever’s contributions extend beyond this particular exhibition. Many of his paintings have been showcased in prestigious public collections, including the Parrish Art Museum, Grey Gallery/New York University Art Collection, Guild Hall Museum, and the Heckscher Museum. His work has received critical acclaim and continues to captivate art enthusiasts with its unique blend of materiality, craftsmanship, and his personal connection to the natural environment.

Through his captivating artwork, Eric Dever brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to Helsinki, providing audiences with an immersive experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and the enduring power of artistic expression.


1. Wie heeft de samenwerking tot stand gebracht tussen Eric Dever en de U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies programma?
– De samenwerking is tot stand gebracht door Eric Dever in samenwerking met het U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies programma.

2. Welke kunstenaars worden er tentoongesteld in de expositie in Helsinki?
– In de expositie worden vijf getalenteerde kunstenaars tentoongesteld, waaronder Roy Lichtenstein, Gifford Beal, Jessica Snow, Mary Heebner, Pamela DeTuncq en Eric Dever.

3. Wat is er bijzonder aan het schilderij “October 10th” van Eric Dever?
– Het schilderij “October 10th” is een muurschildering op doek en vertoont een kleurrijke verzameling van ochtendglorie bloemen. De bloemen zijn zorgvuldig verzameld binnen een straal van 3,6 mijl rond Dever’s studio tuin in Water Mill. Het schilderij is uitgeleend tot 2024.

4. Wat symboliseert het schilderij “October 10th”?
– Het schilderij “October 10th” eert het harde werk van bijen, aangezien de bloemen het verzamelen van pollen door bijen weergeven. De bijen worden verzorgd door bijenhouder Francis Schiavoni. Het schilderij weerspiegelt de interactie tussen de kunstenaar, zijn tuin en de natuurlijke wereld.

5. In welke andere publieke collecties zijn de schilderijen van Eric Dever te vinden?
– De schilderijen van Eric Dever zijn te vinden in prestigieuze publieke collecties, waaronder het Parrish Art Museum, Grey Gallery/New York University Art Collection, Guild Hall Museum en het Heckscher Museum.

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